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Welcome to the Future: Pornhub Now Streams VR-specific Videos

Pornhub VR
The world's largest adult content site Pornhub has introduced VR-specific adult videos and will be giving away 10,000 VR headsets for free.

How many of us have already wished porn making its way to Virtual Reality? Almost all of us. We might hate to admit but since the inception of VR, we were looking for ways to watch adult content on it. In fact, there are now dedicated websites like BaDoinkVR which streams adult content in VR.

Now the world’s largest adult site Pornhub has partnered with BaDoinkVR to bring VR-specific adult videos for its ‘faithful’ users. A new category for VR content has been introduced on Pornhub to provide users a taste of VR-porn.

Pornhub announced its all-new feat via a video on YouTube. Yes, YouTube. The video is safe for work.

Pornhub’s VR adult content will be viewable on Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, and Oculus Rift headsets. In fact, Pornhub will be giving away 10,000 VR headsets for free to its enthusiastic users.

“Virtual reality is the next phase in the constantly metamorphosing world of adult entertainment, and will provide users with a mesmeric experience unlike anything they’ve seen before,” said Pornhub vice president Corey Price in a statement.

Virtual Reality is taking the world by storm and you can now join the fun and experience.

BaDoinkVR already runs an adult site dedicated to VR videos. BaDoinkVR also gives Virtual Reality goggles free with every subscription.

As NBC News notes, porn is a $97 billion industry globally, with about $10 to $12 billion of revenue coming from the United States alone. Research and investment firm Piper Jaffray predicts that the VR adult content will be a $1 billion industry by 2025.

With VR making its way into mainstream, porn industry will soon get it self a new platform and Pornhub is just the beginning.

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