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Upcoming Moto X Flagships to Feature Modular Design?

Upcoming Moto X Flagships to Feature Modular Design?
The upcoming Moto X flagship will have two variants and they will reportedly feature a modular backplate design allowing the use of swappable modules.

So far there are no official words on the release of next generation of Moto X flagship. But that isn’t stopping the rumor mill from producing brand-new rumors and leaks. Now a new leak and a report by VentureBeat suggests that Lenovo-owned Motorola is all set to unveil multiple Android handsets under its Moto X tag.

Multiple images of two all-metal Moto X models were recently leaked online. These images suggest almost identical look and are said to be of a single device. But as VentureBeat reports, these are two different models of Moto X called Vertex and Vector Thin. Both these flagships will sport a modular design with swappable backplate which will allow users to enhance their functions.

LG’s latest LG G5 smartphone also features modular design but requires removing the battery to add a new attachment. To overcome this, both these upcoming smartphones will carry a line of 16 holes near the bottom of the backplate. Although they look like speaker, they reportedly function as “connection pins”. These connection pins allows attaching modules directly to the back, without removing the battery.

Moto X Modular Design

Moto X Modules

VentureBeat further reports that Motorola has designed at least six modules, called “Amps.” A colored backplate will ship free along with both Moto X models. In addition, there will be other modules to be bought separately. These modules may include stereo speakers, a battery pack, a camera grip with flash and optical zoom, a pico projector, and a rugged cover with wide angle lens attachment.

Moto X Tech Specs

Both Vertex and Vector Thin models will boast promising tech specs. Both models will feature 5.5-inch AMOLED displays. Vector Thin is expected to be higher-end model and will sport a Quad HD resolution while Vertex will get Full HD resolution. As its name suggests, Vector Thin is exceptionally thin with just 5.2 mm thickness. Vertex is expected to be 7mm thick.

Apart from this, Vector Thin will reportedly carry 32GB of storage and either 3GB or 4GB RAM. Vertex will have 16GB of storage and 2GB RAM or 32GB of storage and 3GB RAM. The thin profile of Vector Thin will force it to bare a lower capacity battery with 2600mAh while Vertex will carry a 3500mAh battery.

Moto X Vertex and Vector Thin: Price and availability

Currently there is no word about upcoming Moto X flagship price and availability. But Droid-Life is reporting that both models will launch on 9th June at Lenovo Tech World.

Source: VentureBeat

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