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Drop Dock: A MagSafe Style Charging Dock for Your Smartphones

Drop Dock: A MagSafe Style Charging Dock for Your Smartphones
Drop Dock -the world's first universal magnetic charging dock, is hoping to bring MagSafe style charging to your Android and iOS smartphones.

One of the best feature about Apple laptops is their MagSafe magnetic charger (let’s assume for once that they don’t break easily). Easy to connect, easy to remove, still connecting firmly to the device. Now a new project called Drop Dock is trying to bring MagSafe style magnetic charging to your smartphones.

Basically, Drop Dock is a magnetic dock which can easily connect to your smartphone and provide wireless charging. The makers of this project says this the worlds first “universal magnetic charging dock,” which will work with Android and iOS devices. All you need to use this magnetic charging station is a smartphone with either a Lightening or a Micro USB port.

Drop Dock comes with an adapter that needs to be connected to a smartphone -using which you can connect it to the dock itself. Inserting or removing the adapter from a device is easy and you can remove that tiny adapter if you wish to use your phone’s charging cable.

Drop Dock Magnetic Charging Dock

If you don’t want to keep connecting and removing the adapter from your phone, you can also have a universal magnetic cable for additional $10. This way the adapter can work with the USB cable -just like your regular cable does.

Like other charging docks, the Drop Dock connects to a wall power socket. When you need to charge your smartphone just “drop” it on the dock an it will start charging it. Once done, you can simply grab your phone out while the dock sits firm on the surface -thanks to its micro-suction technology.

Drop Dock Charging Adapters

The project page on Kickstarter claims the dock will be made out of solid block of aluminum and carry a “stunning finish.” Drop Dock is designed to work with most modern smartphones -with or without a back case. It doesn’t support USB-C connectors just yet but we should expect the makers to think in that direction soon.

Drop Dock: Live On Kickstarter for Crowdfunding

To begin with production, Drop Dock project is currently looking for backers on Kickstarter. The project -which is currently live on Kickstarter, needs $45,000 by 1st July to be successfully funded. It has already received more than $8000 from 124 backers at the time of writing this.

Once ready, it will be carrying MRP of $89. During its Kickstarter period, you can pledge $49 and receive 1 Drop Dock unit and one adapter (either Lightening or Micro-USB). The project aims to be ready for early bird shipping in September and for regular shipping in October this year. Shipping will be done worldwide for an extra cost of $5 for international shipping.

You can checkout this project on its Kickstarter page and pledge to back it if you think it’s worth it.

Source/More Information: Drop Dock Kickstarter