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Lenovo Z50-75 Signature Edition Laptop: Save $150

Lenovo Z50-75 Signature Edition Laptop: Save $150
Looking for a laptop which feels light on your pocket while providing decent performance for daily usage? Lenovo Z50-75 could be a perfect choice for you.

Looking for a budget-friendly laptop which is powerful, has sturdy build and performs good enough to help you with your day-to-day tasks? Then Lenovo Z50-75 Signature Edition Laptop is one of the best options available for you right now. Yes, it’s not a laptop packed with top-notch features but it does its job pretty well -providing complete value for money.

This 15.6-inch Lenovo laptop was already budget-friendly. Now Microsoft Store has brought-down its price by $150 -making it even more pocket-friendly. With the latest deal from Microsoft Store, you can buy Lenovo Z50-75 Signature Edition Laptop at just $449.

Sounds good? Then checkout the deal on Microsoft Store and order your Lenovo laptop. Want more information before making your decision? Then keep reading.

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Lenovo Z50-75 Review

Lenovo Z50-75 Signature Edition Laptop: Overview

As noted earlier, this is not a laptop with top-notch features. But this laptop from Lenovo packs some promising tech specs and provides decent performance.

Powered by 2.10 GHz AMD FX-7500 quad-core processor (with Turbo up to 3.30 GHz) and 8GB DDR3 RAM, this Lenovo laptop is capable of handling tasks given to it with ease. The combination of processor and RAM generates enough power to provide decent multitasking experience without any noticeable lag.

When it comes to displaying visuals, its 15.6-inch HD LED screen does its job pretty well. The resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels is outdated but it’s acceptable for most daily tasks. Lenovo could pack better screen resolution but we’re not complaining. The integrated AMD Radeon R7 graphics memory doesn’t disappoint as it does a great job at outputting crispy visuals.

For storage, Lenovo has shipped a huge 1TB HDD. You can store your data, dump photos and videos, movies etc withiut worrying about filling-up the space. The 5400 RPM Hard Disk provides acceptable data-transfer speeds as well.

Lenovo Z50-75 Signature Edition Laptop: Save $150

Lenovo Z50-75 Signature Edition Laptop: What’s More?

Lenovo Z50-75 packs DVD RW optical drive, 2-in-1 card reader (SD/MMC) and Dolby audio. For wireless connectivity, this budget-friendly laptop features 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0. A gigabit Ethernet port (10/100/1000) is also there to provide ultra-fast wired network connectivity.

A USB 3.0 port, two USB 2.0 ports, one HDMI and one VGA ports are there. The standard headphone output/microphone input combo is also present.

The latest Windows 10 is packed as the operating system. Windows 10 performance on this Lenovo laptop is quick and lag-free.

To power everything, this Lenovo laptop carries a 4-cell Li-ion battery which provides up to 5 hours of usage. 5 hours isn’t really a great battery backup these days but expecting more won’t really justify the price.

Lenovo Z50-75 Signature Edition Laptop: Overall

Overall, Lenovo Z50-75 is a laptop with feels light on pocket while still providing decent performance. It should be your choice if you’re looking for a laptop for day-to-day home and office work. Don’t expect it to be an extraordinary laptop at this price but it will not disappoint you in your daily usage.

At given price of $449 (after discount of $150), this Lenovo laptop is a must have if you don’t want to spend too much on high-end laptops.

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Note: Another Lenovo laptop with almost identical tech specs and performance is also available. Price: $423. Discount: $176.99. Check it out on Amazon for comparison.

Lenovo Z50-75 Laptop Review
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At given price of $449, Lenovo Z50-75 is a must have if you want a laptop for daily home/office tasks and don’t wish to spend too much on high-end laptops.