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MSI Optix G27C 27-inch Curved Gaming Monitor Review

MSI Optix G27C 27-inch Curved Gaming Monitor Review
MSI Optix G27C 27-inch gaming monitor packs some decent tech specs and provides an excellent gaming experience for the price paid.

MSI has just entered gaming monitor market a few weeks back. The company better known for its series of motherboards, graphics card, and gaming desktops will now boast a gaming monitor under its portfolio. Despite being the company’s first gaming monitor, MSI Optix G27C doesn’t disappoint.

MSI’s latest gaming monitor uses a 27-inch Samsung curved panel for an immersive graphics experience. Keeping other features and its price in mind, MSI’s has come up with s a fairly decent gaming monitor.

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Design, Look and Feel

MSI has done a wonderful job in designing its first gaming monitor. This 27-inch curved monitor carries an impressive, sleek and stylish, love-at-first-sight looks with a sturdy build.

The whole black body with a hint of red makes a good color choice. If you own an MSI desktop, this monitor will go perfectly well with it.

MSI Optix G27C LED Monitor

It feels good to look at this monitor, especially with its thin bezel. While this might not be the thinnest bezel, MSI has still managed to make it thin enough to please most users.

On the back side of this monitor, you will find an HDMI 1.4 port, a DVI port, and a DisplayPort 1.2 port. The AC-in port also goes on the back. The power button, along with other buttons sits on the bottom ride side of the bezel.

The sturdy stand does its job pretty well. If you’re looking for a height-adjustable stand, you are going to be disappointed, though.

Tech Specs and Performance

MSI Optix G27C packs some impressive tech specs and other features. As noted earlier, this 27-inch gaming monitor uses a Samsung curved panel and MSI is not hiding this fact. The curve rate of this display is R1800.

MSI claims that R1800 curve rate is the more comfortable for your eyes as compared to R4000 or R3000 curve rates. MSI also claims that R1800 is more suitable for any kind of application including gaming, office or multimedia entertainment.

Another impressive thing about this MSI gaming monitor is its color gamut. It covers 110% of the sRGB color space and provides 85% NTSC coverage. According to MSI, this is 20% more gamut coverage than standard monitors.

MSI Optix G27C Gaming Monitor

With a 144Hz refresh rate, MSI Optix G27C gaming monitor outputs some super sharp visuals during game plays. The high refresh rate helps reduce the flickering so gamers will enjoy a smooth gaming experience even during the most intense sequences. MSI’s Anti-Flicker technology will let users work and play for a long time without causing eye strain.

Other tech specs of this MSI gaming monitor includes a 178-degree wide viewing angle, 3,000:1 typical contrast ratio, 300 nits brightness, Blue Light Reduction technology, 4ms (gray to gray) and 8ms (maximum) response time among others. Although these tech specs are perfect for its price, this monitor could use some lower response time.

Another disappointment comes in terms of screen resolution. MSI Optix G27C outputs a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. For a 27-inch display, this resolution doesn’t seem to be a perfect fit. MSI could really move to higher resolution and get the best out of this gorgeous LED screen.

MSI Optix G27C Gaming Monitor Ports

MSI Optix G27C 27-inch Gaming Monitor: Overall Impressions

MSI has packed some decent tech specs and features in this 27-inch curved monitor. The most impressive features include color gamut, a refresh rate of 144Hz, MSI’s Anti-Flicker and Blue Light Reduction technology, and 178-degree wide viewing angle.

The cons of this MSI monitor could be noted as low resolution – which can be ignored for the price paid, higher response rates and unavailability of VESA mount.

With everything combined, MSI Optix G27C is an impressive gaming monitor overall. MSI doesn’t disappoint with its first entry into the world of gaming monitors and it’s worth assuming that the company will keep getting better at this.

For about $300, MSI Optix G27C makes a fairly decent gaming laptop. If you are thinking of upgrading an older display for a considerably low price, this MSI display could be a perfect choice for you.

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MSI Optix G27C Gaming Monitor Review
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Boasting some decent tech specs and features, MSI Optix G27C provides an impressive overall performance for the price paid.