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Recently Bought Workflow App? Apple Will Refund Your Purchase

Recently Bought Workflow App? Apple Will Refund Purchase
After acquiring Workflow app and making it available for free, Apple has decided to refund recent purchases of the popular automation app.

Apple created quite a buzz a few days ago when the company bought Workflow – a popular iOS automation app. The first thing Apple did after acquiring Workflow app was to make it available for free in the app store. If you bought Workflow app just before it was acquired by Apple, you might be eligible to get your money back.

According to a thread on Reddit, Apple has sent an email to recent customers of Workflow app. “Thank you for purchasing Workflow by DeskConnect, Inc,” the email reads. “Workflow is now available for free in the App Store. Since you recently purchased this app, we have issued you a full refund.”

Workflow App Refund from Apple

Apple has not clarified the exact timeframe of purchases that are eligible for a refund. According to 9to5Mac, a user on Twitter confirmed receiving the email for a purchase made ‘some weeks ago.’

According to the user who started the Reddit thread, a purchase made two weeks above the acquisition was eligible for a refund. Another user who purchased the app ‘a month ago’ didn’t hear anything from Apple, yet.

Workflow App Under Apple

It’s not clear what exactly Apple is planning to do with Workflow, but it has already been through a number of changes in the latest version. For instance, the new version now uses Apple Maps. It can no longer be used with the iOS version of Google Chrome browser and the translation tool has now been updated to use Microsoft Translate.

Workflow version 1.7.3 also removes the integrations with Pocket, Line, Telegram, and Uber.

It is predicted that Workflow will be integrated to iOS as a native feature. Whatever Apple might decide to do with the latest acquisition of theirs, users just wish they don’t kill their beloved app.

Workflow was made free right after the announcement of its acquisition by Apple. You can download the app for free from app store.