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Future Phones Could Read Your Palm, Samsung’s Patent Filing Suggests

Future Phones Could Read Your Palm, Samsung's Patent Filing Suggests
A recent patent filing suggests that Samsung is working on a technology that could read your palms and help you retrieve forgotten password.

Future smartphones could read your palms. This palm reading, though, would not be used to predict your future but for biometric identification. Samsung has filed a patent that hints towards this technology being used to retrieve passwords.

Our devices currently rely on hints to help us recover a forgotten password. Biometric identification is currently done via fingerprint scanning, iris scanning, and using facial recognition. Samsung’s technology would scan the lines on your palm and if authentication is successful, it will display hints in the form of incomplete characters.

These hints will help you remember your password.

Samsung Palm Scanning Technology

Like other biometric authentication technologies, there’s a possibility that palm scanning can also be used to unlock devices and to authenticate payments.

This technology is a mere idea on paper as of now, of course. It will take time for the technology to arrive in our smartphones, if it does arrive at all. So we will stick to password hints for now.

Samsung is said to be working on a foldable phone, too. Its main rival Apple is also exploring ways to make a foldable phone.

Source: CNET