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$25.99 Bengoo G9000 Is the Bestselling Gaming Headset Right Now

$25.99 Bengoo G9000 Is the Bestselling Gaming Headset Right Now
For just $25.99, Bengoo G9000 gaming headset offers highly impressive sound which makes it the bestselling gaming headset on Amazon right now.

Anyone looking for a nice gaming headset can get one for around $100. But hey! Not everyone would be able to or willing to spend their hundred bucks on a headset, right? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a decent-sounding gaming headset for less that $30? Well, to us, it sounds like a great deal. And Bangoo G9000 is one such gaming headset that is well-worth its price tag of just $25.99.

Bengoo G9000: The Good and the Not-so-good

Bengoo G9000 is designed keeping gamers in mind. Those sharp edges and fine cuts are something most gamers would love. Black is the dominant color combined with red / blue hints. Those LED lights, powered by a dedicated USB port, highlight the mood of the game. The glaring LED lights are non-customizable and makes the headset look a bit too flashy. But if that doesn’t bother you, that’s just fine.

Good to know: You can own the same headset with an attractive camouflage for just $2 extra.

Built with a combination of wearable TPE and leather, this Bengoo headset is skin-friendly. Continuously wearing this headset during long gaming sessions won’t be a problem, according to the maker.

Bengoo G9000 Gaming Headset Review

Although its overall look and feel of is attractive, don’t expect a great build quality from this $25.99 headset. But if you are a little more careful while using it, this Bengoo G9000 can go a long way.

To us, the build quality or those flashy LED lights aren’t much of a bother. Because our $26 bought us a headset that sounds surprisingly good. Its 40mm magnetic neodymium driver does a wonderful job here. The bass is powerful but not too much to overpower the highs. The ambient noise isolation is decent and the overall audio experience is definitely worth a shout.

The omni-directional flip microphone has noise-cancellation built in. Its microphone is sensitive and picks up your voice decently so you won’t have to shout at the mic to communicate while gaming. This sensitivity, however, can also be considered a con as the mic is a little too sensitive. It picks up other sounds — especially the sound being played in the headphone itself — so you might have to deal with a little echo here and there.

Bengoo G9000 gaming headset is compatible with PlayStation 4, new Xbox One, Nintendo 3DS and PSP as well as PC, laptop, tablet and mobile phone. To make it work with an old version of Xbox One, you will need an extra Microsoft adapter (sold separately).

Bengoo G9000 Gaming Headset

Bengoo G9000 Gaming Headset: Overall Impression

Overall, the Bengoo G9000 gaming headset does a great job at delivering a balanced sound to your ears. Although a little flashy, it looks attractive as a gaming accessory. While the build quality isn’t that great, we are totally fine with is as we know we aren’t wearing one of those $100 headsets, after all.

For a $25.99 headset, Bengoo has come up with a fairly decent offering. If you are looking for a cheap gaming headset, this Bengoo headset is the perfect match for you. Thanks to its performance and highly competitive price, Bengoo G9000 is the bestselling gaming headset on Amazon right now.

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Bengoo G9000 Headset Review
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For a $25.99 gaming headset, Bengoo G9000 provides a fairly decent sound. Moreover, it looks attractive and provides a great value for money.