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Sony SF-G TOUGH Is the World’s Toughest AND the Fastest SD Card

Sony SF-G TOUGH Is the World's Toughest AND the Fastest Memory Card
Sony has unveiled the world's toughest and fastest memory card. The new Sony SF-G TOUGH cards are waterproof, dustproof and provides speed of up to 300 MB/s.

A few months ago, Sony announced that they were making the world’s fastest memory card. The new memory card under Sony’s SF-G series was promised to provide up to 300 MB/s speed. Today, the Japanese tech giant has lived up to that promise by announcing Sony SF-G TOUGH memory card.

SF-G TOUGH is the toughest and fastest SD card ever made, claims Sony. With up to 299 MB/s write speeds and up to 300 MB/s read speeds, Sony’s new UHS-II SD card is definitely one of the fastest around. The super-fast write speed makes it perfect for continuous burst shots and high FPS recordings. Worth mentioning that 4K recording will be a breeze for these SD cards.

Sony TOUGH Memory Card

Sony’s new memory card doesn’t impress only with its speed, though. The company has kept in mind the tough situations professional photographers to through. It’s hard for such tiny accessories called memory cards to survive regular abuse in such situations. So Sony has also made their new SD card one of the toughest around.

Sony SF-G TOUGH features a rib-less design, removing the write protection switch entirely in the process. The structure of these SD cards feature a single-piece molding with no empty space inside. This change in design makes the SD card nearly bend-proof while also protecting it from dust and liquids. Their new cards are 18 times stronger than traditional SD cards, says Sony. Moreover, these TOUGH cards have an IPX8 ‘waterproof’ rating and an IP6X ‘dustproof’ rating.

Sony SF-G TOUGH Waterproof and Dustproof

Overall, Sony has made a high-end memory card that is super-fast and tough — something professional photographers will prefer. The price tag is also on the higher end as expected. SF-G32T/T1 – the entry-level card that carries 32GB memory will be priced at whopping $72.99, for instance. The 64GB and 128GB options are priced at $131.99 and $275.99, respectively. For a quick comparison, Sandisk’s 128GB memory card with 100 Mb/s speed is available at $30.

Sony SF-G TOUGH memory cards are expected to go on sale in October.

Source: Sony