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HP 24mh 1D0J9AA: Superb 24-inch Full HD Monitor on a Budget

HP 24mh 1D0J9AA Monitor Review
For those looking for a decent monitor under a tight budget, HP 24mh 1D0J9AA Full HD monitor is a good option thanks to its promising performance and great value for money.

It surprises us how many users don’t pay attention to the their display. We believe a good display is as important as the specifications of your computer. Because when you work on a computer, you are constantly staring at the screen. This screen has a big role to play regardless of your usage that could vary from daily Office tasks to movie-sessions to extended gaming marathons. Money spent on a good display is money well-spent and with a monitor like HP 24mh 1D0J9AA, you really don’t have to spend much to get great picture quality with comfort.

HP’s new offering in the monitor world is a 24-inch Full HD display with IPS panel. It has barely-there bezels and comes with a variety of ports. Price a little more than $100, HP 24mh 1D0J9AA is a superb budget monitor you can buy right now. Want a bit more information about it? Keep on reading then.

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HP 24mh 1D0J9AA Monitor at a Glance

HP 24mh is a 23.8-inch diagonal display with 178-degree vertical and horizontal viewing angles. Wide viewing angles provide great viewing experience from nearly any position. It’s barely-there bezels that HP likes to call ‘micro-edge,’ offer a non-distracting viewing experience while helping the monitor carry more display in smaller size.

To offer stunning visuals, this HP monitor features IPS (in-plane switching) panel technology. IPS technology has slowly became a new standard in monitors and we continue to see more and more monitors offering it. It’s good to see HP offering IPS in a budget monitor that helps it output vivid imagery.

HP 24mh Full HD Monitor Review

The Full HD display offers maximum resolution of 1920 x 1280 pixels with 75Hz refresh rate. With faster refresh rate, this HP monitor is able to produce lag-free visuals that look crisp and sharp on the Full HD screen. For those who work in long sessions – especially at night or in low light, HP has offered low blue light mode that makes colors warmer and white more natural, reducing the strain on eyes.

With crisp, sharp and vivid imagery, this HP monitor offers flexibility of adjusting it the way you like. It offers 5° forward or 23° backward tilt, height adjustments and can be rotated to portrait mode. In addition, it’s VESA-compatible meaning you can easily mount this monitor on a wall.

HP 24mh 24 Inch Budget Monitor

To let you connect the monitor to different devices, the HP 24mh includes multiple ports – namely HDMI, DisplayPort and even VGA. With different port choices, you can connect it to a computer, gaming console, TV box and other compatible devices.

While we are not fan of inbuilt speakers in a monitor, we like that HP has included 2W speakers with this model. The audio quality isn’t something that makes us go ‘wow’ but it’s there when you want it. We prefer external speakers to an inbuilt one. HP has also included a 3.5mm audio jack so you can connect a headphone or speaker with the monitor.

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HP 24mh 1D0J9AA: Final Thoughts

With its internal and physical features in mind, it all comes down to the overall performance. As a budget monitor, HP 24mh 1D0J9AA does a splendid job at producing crisp and vivid graphics. The viewing experience is enjoyable, lag-free and without complaints. For a $110 monitor, we are highly satisfied with its performance.

We particularly like the height/tilt adjustments as well as VESA mount and multiple ports. Thin bezels are the new standard for any device now a days and it would be surprising if a display won’t have them. We like the multi-display setup a monitor with narrow bezels such as HP 24mh can offer.

With the graphics quality, choice of ports, thin bezels and flexibility offered by HP 24mh, we don’t really expect anything more. It’s a great Full HP display at its price, it provides great value for money. We recommend it for school, home and office usage. If you are a hardcore gamer, graphics designer, photographer, video professional etc. you should rather stick to other purpose-built monitors instead.

HP 24mh 1D0J9AA Full HD Monitor Review
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With a crisp and vivid Full HD IPS display, choice of ports and flexibility, HP 24hm is provides great value for money.