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Encrypted No-log VPN Deal: 2 Years VPN at Just $89 + 3 Months Free

Encrypted No-log VPN Deal by NordVPN
Get 2-year access to no-log VPN with encryption to enjoy geo-restricted content at unthrottled speed and protect your privacy with NordVPN.

What do you think you can do with a Virtual Private Network? Become completely anonymous? Pull off a digital heist and not get caught? Perfectly cover-up your digital traces? Unfortunately, a VPN won’t help you much with any of that. But a VPN can do a lot of other things for you.

Take geo-blocked content, for example. You can be anywhere in the world but if you fancy a movie only available on Netflix US, you can connect to a VPN and enjoy your movie. The same for a sports match – you can watch it from anywhere as long as you have a VPN. A webste is blocked in your country? Use a VPN to unblock it. Is your country or ISP throttling your speed? A VPN could help with that, too. And while you are doing all this, a VPN can also protect your digital privacy if you are concerned with that.

While just any VPN can do probably all of the above, it’s important to remember that they have plenty of data from you. A free VPN has to make money somehow so it shouldn’t come as a surprise if your browsing history, personal information etc. ends up in third-parties’ hands. Or you can be targeted for advertisements based on your ‘interests.’ Meaning, a VPN would do exactly the opposite than you expected it to do.

And that’s why it’s a good idea to subscribe to a VPN that you can trust. A company that makes money by charging for a good service is better than the one that says it’s free and goes around sharing your information. This Black Friday and Cyber Monday, GizmoGIGA has found you a deal that will help you save money on a strict no-log VPN.

NordVPN Overview

For those who don’t know, NordVPN is a big name in the VPN world. The Panama-based company offers 5500 servers in 59 countries – one of the highest servers any VPN provider is offering. With the large number of servers, users can choose a server that’s suitable in terms of ping, speed and whatever their ultimate goal is – to watch geo-blocked content, for example.

Along with thousands of servers, NordVPN provides unthrottled bandwidth. The company does not restrict your speed like other – especially the ‘free’ – VPN providers. Because the bandwidth is unrestricted, you can enjoy streaming the content just as you would without a VPN. In fact, a recent test by AV-TEST named NordVPN the fastest VPN on the market.

NordVPN Interface macOS

The unrestricted speed and large number of servers are combined with a secure, encrypted VPN tunnel. NordVPN encrypts your traffic before it leaves your device – making it impossible for bad actors along the way to monitor and exploit your activities. Because the traffic is encrypted – useless gibberish if read without decrypting first – your ISP, hackers and state-actors won’t be able to snoop into it. Using an open or rigged WiFi connection can leave you with same risks and NordVPN will help you stay protected.

While your VPN traffic is encrypted, it is possible for a VPN company to know which websites you visit, from where and which device and at what time. And that’s why, you need a Virtual Private Network that has a strong no-log policy. NordVPN does not keep a track of your activities and if someone walked in asking them for your logs, they won’t have any to provide. Because there are no logs, they can’t be sold off to advertisers or other interested parties. This is how NordVPN protects your privacy and these claims are audited by third-parties.

NordVPN Settings Windows

Other NordVPN features include inbuilt ads and malware protection called CyberSec, kill switch, P2P-friendly servers, DNS leak protection, 24/7 support and more. You can use NordVPN on up to 6 devices at the same time and apps for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android are available. All apps are easy to setup and can connect to a server in a single click.

With tons of features, NordVPN is an all-in-one solution for all your needs. Unrestricted access to worldwide content through high-speed serves in 59 countries, encrypted connection though easy to use apps, privacy protection with a no-log policy – NordVPN has it all. With all these features NordVPN still remains among the affordable VPNs.

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NordVPN Price and Limited-period Offer

NordVPN offers one plan with different subscription duration. You can get a full-featured, unrestricted subscription for 1 month, 1 year or 2 years. All features remain the same regardless of the duration.

NordVPN on iPad

Needless to say that you end up paying more if you choose to subscribe for a monthly payment. NordVPN charges $11.95 per month if you opt for monthly payments. Paying once a year will bring the per month cost down to just $4.92 – saving you 58% over monthly subscription. You pay $59 per year if you choose the yearly payment option.

NordVPN’s two-year plan offers the best value for money. Paying $30 more than the yearly plan will give you a 2-year NordVPN subscription. Just $89 for a 2 year VPN is undoubtedly the best value for the set of features you get.

NordVPN Cyber Monday Deal

And to make NordVPN’s 2 year plan even better, there’s a limited-period offer going on. The Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal will give you three extra months on top of your 2 years for the same price – meaning 27 months for just $89. That’s a great addition to an already low price.

NordVPN Black Friday Deal: Summary

NordVPN is a well-known name in the industry. It offers thousands of serves, encrypts all traffic, protects your privacy, lets you enjoy content blocked in your country, can block ads, has apps for all major operating systems and much more – everything at a generous price.

A feature-rich, no-log VPN for two years at $89 is a great value for money. And for a limited time, you get three additional months with your purchase of two year plan.

Hurry up, though, as this deal is available for a short time only. If it’s too late and you miss the offer, don’t worry, NordVPN has different offers running all the time. So check back later and chances are, you will still get a good deal.

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