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Next Amazon Kindle Could Be Thinner and Feature Rechargeable Case

Amazon Kindle 8th generation
Amazon is ready to unveil next generation of Kindle, which will reportedly feature thin form-factor and rechargeable protective case.

A recent update by Jess Bezos on Twitter suggests that Amazon is ready to unveil its next generation of Kindle e-reader. The eighth-generation Amazon Kindle is almost ready and details will be announced next week, said Bezos.

As of now, there’s no information regarding the next Kindle and readers are waiting for Amazon’s announcement. Meanwhile, Wall Street Journal reports that the next Amazon Kindle could feature rechargeable protective case. Rechargeable case will help Kindle offload some of the battery power from device to case, allowing Kindle to bare thinner design.

Amazon Kindle already provides more than a week of reading on a single charge but rechargeable case will help it get even better, extended battery life. The company is also reportedly working on a separate, solar-powered case for the Kindle. Although solar-powered case is unlikely to be unveiled as soon as next week.

The upcoming Kindle and its case have some cool codenames. The next Amazon Kindle and its case are reportedly called Whiskey and Soda, respectively. The solar-powered case is codenamed Sunkiss, according to WSJ.

Amazon Kindle Voyage

There’s no other detail available for Amazon’s next generation e-reader. We expect Amazon to deliver something exciting and innovative. We will get to see what Amazon has to offer next week.

Amazon unveiled 7th generation of Kindle called Kindle Voyage in October 2014. Although being praised for its features, Voyage was criticized for its high price tag. Let’s see if Amazon work on that with the next model.

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