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Want to Shoot Better Photos on iPhone? Let Apple Show You That

Want to Shoot Better Photos on iPhone? Let Apple Show You That
Here's the truth. Our smartphone photos (mostly) suck. And Apple wants to fix that by teaching us how to shoot better photos on iPhone.

Smartphone photography is hitting new milestones with the launch of every new flagship. Be it Apple or Samsung or any other smartphone maker, they are making sure their phones have amazing photography capability. Apple has always highlighted how awesome their iPhone camera is. But with a phone in our hands, everyone is a ‘photographer’ these days. And the truth is, most of us suck at it.

With a whole bunch of photographers present all around us, it’s about time that we start taking better photos with our smartphones. And Apple has taken a step ahead to teach you just that. Through a series of videos, Apple is teaching us how to shoot better photos on iPhone.

Through its ‘How to shoot on iPhone’ campaign, Apple is trying to teach us all how to get the best out of our iPhone camera. Be it a great portrait or a selfie, an exciting panorama or a sunset silhouette, Apple is here to show us all.

In fact, those kind folks at Apple have published a whole new page on their website which is full of iPhone photography tips. You can also head over to their official YouTube channel to watch these videos.

Most of these videos are shot in portrait mode, probably because that’s how we usually shoot photos with our phone. These ‘how-to’ videos shortly and sweetly teach us how to shoot better photos on our iPhone – one trick at a time.

Here’s the YouTube playlist from Apple’s channel. Have a look and learn to take better photos with your iPhone. It looks like all videos aren’t available on this playlist just yet. So you might want to head over to Apple’s photography how-to page on their website.

And remember, a better camera doesn’t mean you will always shoot a better photo. It takes time and efforts before one becomes good at it. So what are you waiting for? Let’s start clicking some photos?

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