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Your Essential Phone Pre-Orders to Ship Next Week, But There’s A Catch

Your Essential Phone Pre-Orders to Ship Next Week
After going through a few hiccups since its announcement, the Essential phone pre-orders are expected to ship as soon as the next week.

Android Inc. co-founder and ex-Googler Andy Rubin’s highly anticipated smartphone project has seen a few hiccups since its announcement. After being announced on 30th May, the Essential smartphone was believed to be shipped by the end of June. But even at the beginning of August – more than two months after its announcement, the company had no details on when the smartphone will start shipping.

After missing the (unofficial) deadline of June, the Essential team has some good news for those who were patiently waiting for the phone to ship. In an email sent to potential customers who registered for the phone, the company has assured that their phone is starting to ship soon.

According to this email, the Essential phone pre-orders will start shipping ‘within 7 days.’ While this announcement sounds exciting for buyers, there’s a catch.

Essential Smartphone Pure White

The email states that the shipment of the Essential phone in Pure White color is still a ‘couple of weeks away,’ while the Black Moon color will ship within seven days. Customers who pre-ordered a Pure White phone have an option to change the order to a Black Moon phone and receive the shipment sooner.

“As shipment of your Pure White device is still a couple of weeks away, we want to give you the option to change your order from a Pure White to a Black Moon device, which will ship within seven days,” the email reads.

What this email simply means is that the company is ready to ship the Essential phone pre-orders but only in Black Moon color. The Pure White color option will still take a while and there’s no word on the remaining two colors: Silver Grey and Ocean Depth.

With tech specs including a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, 4GB RAM, a nearly edge-to-edge screen, and the titanium and ceramic build, the Essential smartphone already sounds promising. It will be just a matter of few more days before you will finally get your hands on your phone, at least in the Black Moon color.

The essential smartphone is priced $699 and if you prefer buying it with the 360-degree camera, you can buy it for $749 for a limited period (regular price: $898). Want to pre-order your Essential phone? You can do so directly on their website as well as from Amazon.

Update: Essential Phone has begun shipping. Read more here.

Source: 9to5 Google