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No More Waiting: Your Essential Phone Has Begun Shipping, Finally

Pre-ordered your Essential Phone and waiting for it to arrive in your hands? Wait no more. Essential Phone has finally begun shipping.

After going through a few hiccups and missing shipping deadlines for a while, Essential Phone has finally begun shipping. It has been almost three months since Android Inc. co-founder and ex-Googler Andy Rubin’s Essential smartphone project was announced on 30th May. It seems that buyers won’t have to wait anymore to get their brand new Essential phone in their hands.

Appreciating buyers’ patience, Essential announced via a tweet that they have sent an email to buyers with the tracking info. So if you pre-ordered your Essential Phone, it’s time for you to check your email and look for the shipping information.

If you haven’t received an email yet, then you need to have a little more patience. Essential Phone will be shipping in waves and it could be a while before it ships to you.

After missing the estimated shipping dates for a while, the Essential team sent an email to early buyers informing them that their pre-orders will start shipping ‘within 7 days.’

Although a good news for many, the email stated that only the Black Moon color will start shipping and the shipment of the Pure White color was still a ‘couple of weeks away.’ The email also gave customers an option to change the order to a Black Moon phone and receive the shipment sooner.

“As shipment of your Pure White device is still a couple of weeks away, we want to give you the option to change your order from a Pure White to a Black Moon device, which will ship within seven days,” said the email.

It’s clear that customers have to be satisfied with the Black Moon color as there is no still no update on the Pure White or other two colors – Silver Grey and Ocean Depth – which remains as ‘coming soon.’

Priced at $699 and packed with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, 4GB RAM, a nearly edge-to-edge screen, and the titanium and ceramic build, the Essential smartphone is one of the most promising smartphones we have seen this year.

In addition to its official website, you can pre-order an unlocked Essential Phone via Amazon and Best Buy, too.