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Every New Alexa Device Amazon Announced to Take Over Our Lives

Every New Alexa Device Amazon Announced to Take Over Our Lives
Amazon has announced a range of new and updated Alexa devices that includes new Echo speakers, a wall clock and a microwave.

At the Alexa event held at their headquarters in Seattle, Amazon announced a number of new Alexa devices. The event took place at the Amazon Spheres, those three large glass domes located on Amazon’s headquarters. One by one, Amazon execs announced some interesting Alexa devices to improve the Alexa ecosystem.

These new devices includes new Echo speakers, a sub-woofer, an audio dongle, smart plugs, a wall clock and… a microwave. That’s not all, Amazon announced 70 things at the event — that included new hardware and services. With plethora of Alexa devices up their sleeves, Amazon is now ready to take over every corner of your homes and even your cars.

Let’s take a look at every new Alexa device announced by Amazon at Alexa Event, 2018.

New Echo Dot

New Amazon Echo Dot Smart Speaker

Amazon has revamped its smallest Echo speaker this year. The new Echo Dot (3rd-generation) has a new look with rounded edges which looks much better than previous design. It also packs more punch thanks to a 1.6-inch driver that delivers 70% louder audio than the previous model. It also has better bass and less distortion. Other features and capabilities remain the same.

New Amazon Echo will be available from October at the same price of $49.99 with pre-orders already having begun.

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New Echo Plus

New Echo Plus 2nd-generation Speaker

Amazon’s new Echo Plus speaker features stronger bass and an equalizer feature to let you adjust the bass and treble using voice commands. There’s a new feature called ‘local voice control’ which will let you adjust your smart-home devices even in the absence of a working internet connection.

New Echo Plus will start shipping from 11 October and you can pre-order one right now for $149.99.

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New Echo Show

New Amazon Echo Show

All-new Amazon Echo Show features a makeover with minimalist design. It comes with a 10-inch display along with more powerful speakers and mic. It also supports Skype video chat and Vevo music videos. Firefox and Amazon’s Silk web-browsers are also included.

Echo Show carries the same price tag of $229.99 as its previous model and will start shipping from 11 October. If you buy two units, you save $100 on your order.

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Echo Sub

Amazon Echo Sub Sub-woofer

For $129.99, you can enjoy more powerful bass using Amazon’s new Echo Sub sub-woofer. The 6-inch woofer of Echo Sub delivers down-firing, 100W of bass and can be paired with up to two Echo devices to create a 2.1 stereo system.

Echo Sub shipping starts from 11 October with pre-orders currently live on Amazon. If you pair Sub with two Echo speakers, you save $80 on your order.

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Echo Link and Echo Link Amp

Echo Link by Amazon

Amazon Echo Link lets you connect your stereo equipment using your Amazon Echo or Alexa app and stream high-def music. Amazon has priced Echo Link at $199.99.

Echo Link Amp comes with a built-in 60W 2-channel amplifier with digital and analog connectors. It will cost you $299.99.

Both devices will be available “soon.”

Amazon Smart Plug

Amazon Smart Plug

Amazon’s $25 Smart Plug brings Alexa to anything that can be powered using a power outlet. It can be anything like a coffee maker, a standard light, or home appliances like microwave. More interestingly, Amazon’s plug does not require a smart home hub in order to work. Go ahead, add Alexa in possibly every corner of your home.

Pre-orders have begun for Amazon Smart Plug and shipping will begin 11 October.

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Fire TV Recast

Fire TV Recast by Amazon

In an effort to take over your traditional TV, Amazon has introduced Fire TV Recast. It can be placed anywhere in your house and connects to a digital antenna. It can record live-TV and cast the recording to Fire tablets, Fire TV, Echo Show or iOS/Android devices.

The cheaper version of Fire TV Recast will cost you $229.99 and lets you record up to two shows at once. The $279.99 variant can record up to four shows while also giving you more storage (1TB).

Fire TV Recast pre-orders have begun and will start shipping from 14 November.

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Echo Auto

Amazon Echo Auto for Cars

Alexa makes its way to your car with Echo Auto. It’s basically a dongle that connects to your audio system. To make Alexa work, it will connect to your phone’s network. Echo Auto can be asked for directions, in addition to those usual Alexa voice commands and skills.

Amazon Echo Auto will cost you $49.99 when it’s available for everyone. Right now, you can request an invite and get Echo Auto at the half price ($24.99).

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AmazonBasics Microwave

AmazonBasics Microwave with Alexa

The microwave was one of the most interesting announcement from Amazon. Others are calling it unnecessary but we definitely want to see a microwave controlled by Alexa! In order to control AmazonBasics Microwave with Alexa, you will need an Echo device. It can also be controlled using the Alexa app.

The AmazonBasics Microwave will include a bunch of “quick-cook” voice presets. There’s an Ask Alexa button built-in that will let you instruct Alexa about the cooking time. The best part? You can re-order food items using the Amazon Dash feature.

AmazonBasics Microwave will cost you just $59.99. Pre-orders have begun on Amazon and shipping starts 14 November.


Echo Wall Clock

Amazon Echo Wall Clock

If you thought a microwave with Alexa was unnecessary, then what will you think about a wall clock with Alexa? Yes, Amazon has announced a $29.99 Alexa-enabled wall clock, too. You will need an Echo speaker or Alexa app to control the clock.

Amazon’s wall clock visually displays your timers you have in place. Its time gets updated automatically using a built-in motor.

The date when Amazon’s Echo wall clock will be available is not yet announced but it could arrive somewhere later this year.

Echo Input

Amazon Echo Input

Amazon has announced Echo Input audio dongle that includes Bluetooth, microphone and a 3.5mm jack. It’s not a speaker itself but it can be connected with your existing speaker setup.

Echo Input is the tiniest Echo device in the range and is highly unnoticeable at the first glance.

The $34.99 Echo Input is now available for pre-order.

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New Alexa Devices Announced by Amazon: Summing Up

Amazon is all set to take over your house and even your car with all-new range of Alexa-powered devices. There are new Echo speakers, there’s a smart plug, there’s a wall clock and there’s even a microwave announced by Amazon.

In addition to the updated range of hardware, Amazon also announced updates to their Ring, new software updates for developers and updates to Alexa voice assistant itself.

Most devices announced at the Alexa event will be available by the end of the year — with many of them shipping from 11 October. Pre-order for most of these devices are now open.