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Amazon to Stop Supporting Echo Look Just Three Years After Its Launch

Amazon to Stop Supporting Echo Look Just Three Years After Its Launch
Amazon has announced that Echo Look - a smart personal style guide - will be discontinued on 24th July, making the $200 device effectively useless in just three years.

Remember Echo Look – a ‘smart’ personal style guide that took photos of your daily fashion? Don’t be scratching your head if you don’t. Many of us still wonder why did this ‘personal style assistant’ even exist? Echo Look was launched in 2017 with Alexa voice assistant built-in. It allowed users to take snapshots and short videos of their daily fashion, kept them in catalogue and provided personal fashion advice – not without privacy concerns, of course.

If you still don’t know how it worked, don’t bother because Amazon is retiring Echo Look just three years after its launch. Amazon has announced that they will stop supporting Echo Look on 24th July. If you were among those curious enough to spend $200 on this personal fashion assistant, then you can continue to use it until 24th July, after which, it will stop working.

From now until the end of support in July, you can continue to use Echo Look and download/delete your content from it. After 24th July, you will have to contact Amazon customer support to delete your pictures and videos. You can make a free Amazon Photos account if you would like to backup your content stored via Echo Look.

It’s not surprising that Amazon has discontinued Echo Look. What is surprising, however, is that it will render useless after 24th July. Amazon has not provided any way to re-purpose it or even let customers who already own it to continue using it. It once again proves how the future of internet-dependent device lie in companies’ hands – who may decide suddenly to stop supporting a device for one reason or another and effectively making it useless.

After 24th July, the $200 Echo Look will become become a fancy paperweight — unless you recycle it as Amazon suggests. Amazon says that all the Echo Look’s functions are now available via Amazon Shopping app. So if you still want to receive fashion advice from a ‘smart’ device because you can’t decide what to wear, you may continue to do so.