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Make Room, Siri! Alexa Voice Assistant Makes Its Way to Amazon’s iOS App

Alexa Voice Assistant Makes Its Way to Amazon's iOS App
Amazon's Alexa Voice Assistant is now available via Amazon iOS app which will let users use Alexa without requiring an Alexa-enabled device like Echo.

iOS users will now have one more personal digital assistant to play with. Amazon has announced that its Alexa voice assistant will now be available in the company’s iOS app. Amazon has already begun rolling out the update and Alexa will be available to all iOS users by next week. There will be no need to have Amazon Echo, Dot or Tap to use Alexa. Users will just need to update the Amazon iOS app on their device to the latest version.

As Alexa is a part of the Amazon app, users will require to open the app and tap the microphone icon. Previously, this icon used to let users search products using their voice. After the update, the same icon will let users give commands to Alexa.

Alexa on iOS will let users search for products on Amazon. In addition, it can also provide you weather and traffic updates, tell you jokes, and play music for you. You can also track your orders, add products to cart, and reorder products among other shopping-related activities. Alexa Skills and Smart Home features will be available via this update, too.

Alexa’s integration into Amazon app doesn’t do away with Amazon Alexa app, though. Users will still need the Amazon Alexa iOS app to change Alexa settings.

Amazon Alexa Voice Assistant for iOS

Siri vs Alexa

Alexa making its way directly to Amazon’s iOS app is a smart move by Amazon. While Apple’s Siri will obviously have the upper hand, Alexa integration could help Amazon drive more sales. As Alexa is part of an app and not a native part of iOS, users will not be able to use Alexa without opening the app first. Siri, on the other hand, can be used hands-free by simply saying “Hey Siri!”

Nevertheless, Alexa coming to Amazon app is a good sign. It will give users more options to play with – and eventually help companies in improving their AI technology further.

Apple users now have four personal digital assistants in their pocket. Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, Google Assistant (via Google app) and now Amazon’s Alexa.

What do you think about Alexa Voice Assistant being integrated into Amazon’s iOS app? Do share your views.

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