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Microsoft Deletes Almost 5000 Tweets of its Out of Line Chatbot – Tay

Microsoft Tay AI Chatbot
Innocent chatbot turned pro-Hitler, anti-feminists and out-of-line Tay has been taken offline again. Microsoft had to delete almost 5000 tweets in last 24-hours as damage control.

World would have been a different place if we could say whatever we wanted and could take our words back, like we never said anything before. But, will that also remove our words from everyone else’s mind too? No, that won’t be possible, unless speaker and listeners are robots. We could just wipe-off their memory as if nothing happened.

The team at Microsoft behind its Tay chatbot is busy doing something similar. They are deleting offensive, racist, out-of-line tweets of Tay. By now, they have deleted almost 5000 tweets in last 24 hours. Before doing this, Microsoft took its out-of-control brat offline and turned its Twitter account in protected mode.

Tay: An Adorable Bot Turned Pro-Hitler and Racist

Microsoft introduced Tay last week as an experiment. Things went out of hands soon as Tay turned into complete racist thanks to Internet trolling. This innocent chatbot learned things pretty quickly from the Internet. Tay tweeted with racist, anti-feminist, pro-Hitler responses before it was taken offline.

Tay Pro Hitler Tweets

Tay: Back Online, Smokes Marijuana, Goes Back Offline

Yesterday, Tay came back to life, only to spam users’ timelines with repetitive responses. Expected to behave nicely, Tay was still a spoiled brat. In one response, Tay tweeted she was smoking kush (marijuana) in front of police. This little lady has guts, I must say. Microsoft soon took Tay offline again and turned its Twitter account to protected mode.

Tay smoking Kush

Tay: Time for Some Cleaning

At the time of Tay going offline, she had sent over 100K responses. Today, after almost 24 hours, Microsoft had to delete almost 5000 tweets, reducing her total tweets to 95.1K at the time of writing this.

Tay Protected Tweets

Tay’s Twitter is still in protected mode, with no sign of coming back any soon. Tay’s creators must be talking some sense into their spoiled little brat and teaching how to behave and how not to. At the same time, Tay’s out-of-line responses are being deleted from Twitter. That’s too many tweets to go thorough though!

Tay Anti Feminist Tweets

Meanwhile, other social accounts of this millennial teen from the Internet remains without update. She loves Twitter more than anything, it seems.

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