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Can’t Get Over Selfies? What About Some MacBook Selfie Sticks?

We are living in selfie era. Oxford Dictionaries' Word of the Year 2013, Selfie has become part of our digital life. And just when we thought we were over selfies, there comes MacBook selfie stick.

Oh selfies! What can one possibly say about them? Love them or hate them, they’re there, just there. In recent years, selfies have changed so much. Smartphones and other gadgets now have better front camera, AKA ‘selfie cam’, there are apps which lets you take better selfies, there are videos explaining how to snap a ‘perfect selfie’ and what not?

Then came selfie stick, which is basically a stick, which help you take, am.. selfies. Back in days, our camera used to be our ‘must-have’ travel gear, then came smartphone and now along with smartphones, selfie sticks have become a must have travel accessory. The obsession with selfies has been rising to next levels and taking selfies or carrying selfie sticks has been banned at numerous places.

In fact, selfie lovers take their stick just about everywhere. And if you like me, always wonder why these people around you carry a ‘stick’ to click photos of themselves (or why take selfies at all), wait till you see MacBook selfie sticks!

Yep, you read that right. A selfie stick that lets you take selfies.. with MacBooks. By the way, MacBook selfie sticks are not actual sticks you could grab from a nearby store or Amazon. They’re more of a n art piece created by artists Moises (of Art 404), John Yuyi and Tom Galle. They also have a website dedicated to show their MacBook selfie stick in action.

A MacBook selfie stick photography session is surely indirectly (or directly) a sarcastic approach toward our self-obsession and craze for selfies.

Have a look at some pictures showing Moises, John Yuyi and Tom Galle snapping some selfies with their MacBook around NYC.

Taking Selfies With MacBook Selfie Stick

Can't Get Over Selfies? What About MacBook Selfie Sticks?

Macbook Selfie Stick NYC

Macbook Selfie Stick NYC

Changed the game? He sure did! Head over to macbookselfiestick.com for more pictures.

BRB, gotta take some selfies (pun intended) TTUL