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Nokia’s $60,000 OZO VR Camera Is Now Available Via Resellers

OZO VR Camera
Nokia's OZO VR camera is now available for purchase through resellers. These resellers will also provide OZO VR cam on daily or weekly rentals.

Nokia’s demise from the cellphone market hasn’t stopped the Finnish company from pushing new limits. While major tech-players are making their progress in VR headset market, Nokia announced the world’s first Virtual Reality camera OZO last year -with a hefty price tag of $60,000.

Initially OZO VR camera was only available to be purchased from ozo.nokia.com. Now Nokia has announced that OZO will be available from resellers as well. The resellers offering OZO VR camera are AbelCine, OffHollywood, and Radiant Images.

Nokia has also took one more step forward to expand OZO’s reach. OZO will also be available for rentals on daily and weekly basis from these resellers. Given that the VR industry is still new to most, rental facility will help OZO reach more professionals.

“We are excited to announce OZO’s availability in the U.S. and Canada through three retail and rental facilities,” said Guido Voltolina, Head of Presence Capture, Nokia Technologies. “AbelCine, OffHollywood, and Radiant Images are vital to helping OZO reach the professional VR creation audience, especially in the primary markets they play in.”

Aimed for the professional, Nokia’s OZO VR camera features eight synchronized shutter sensors and eight microphones for stereoscopic three-dimensional video. OZO also features real-time VR preview, 3D 360 spatial audio and video capture, full compatibility with professional workflows and head mounted displays, and has the ability to dramatically reduce post-production time, complexity and cost.

Virtual Reality is the next big thing in gizmo market and the development and progress in VR looks promising at the moment. With tech-giants like Google, Samsung, Facebook (Oculus), HTC and others jumping into Virtual Reality, we will be presented with better development and content.

Source: Nokia