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VR Oxygen Launches Kickstarter Campaign for C Pure VR Headset

Aiming to bring Virtual Reality within everyone's reach globally, VR Oxygen has started a Kickstarter campaign for the development of their C PURE VR headset.

Virtual Reality is slowly and steadily becoming ‘a thing’ now. With big players taking part in development of VR, VR has become ‘reality’. And VR doesn’t have to be costly, it can be budget-friendly and should be within everyone’s reach. Google proved this by launching its low-cost VR headset called Cardboard.

With its simplistic approach, Google Cardboard quickly became a success. It has inspired many companies to tweak its design and materials to make it even better. One such company is VR Oxygen which has started a Kickstarter campaign for its C Pure VR headset. VR Oxygen is aiming for at least $5000 for its project by April 20th.

C PURE: VR for everyone

With C Pure, VR Oxygen aims to make VR within everyone’s reach and encourage developers to start developing more for VR technology. “C PURE is a Virtual Reality Viewer that has been meticulously designed and aesthetically considered to stand the test of many uses, and also look presentable on a bookshelf or desk,” says VR Oxygen.

The ‘C’ in its name stands for Cardboard, by the way.

C PURE: Design, compatibility and availability

C Pure can be referred to as an upgraded version of Google’s Cardboard, better in many ways. C Pure boasts a sleek classy white cardboard body which features a glossy coating for protection against greasy foreheads and fingerprints. Is has an enhanced, soft nose piece to make VR experience more comfortable.

C Pure works with most 3.5-inch to 6-inch Android and iOS smartphones. There are no wires or additional hardware required to operate C Pure.

C Pure reward tiers range between as low as $1 to as high as $10,000. An ‘early bird’ offer can be claimed for $19 which will reward you with one unit of C Pure headset. VR Oxygen will be selling C Pure at retail price of $29.95 when it launches. VR Oxygen aims to ship early bird orders by May 2016.

Watch VR Oxygen’s video below and head to their Kickstarter campaign to back the project and for more information.