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iMate All in One Dock Will Charge and Sync All Your Devices At Once

iMate All in One Dock Will Charge and Sync All Your Devices At Once
iMate is a new project that aims to help you get rid of multiple charging cables and solve your "not enough ports" woes by letting you charge and sync all your devices simultaneously.

Once in a while we come across promising crowdfunding campaigns worth sharing. These campaigns keep us reminding that there is no shortage of ideas and help from crowdfunding backers can turn these ideas into reality. Of course, not all ideas or campaigns turn into reality for one reason or another. But that doesn’t stop backers from having faith in new crowdfunding requests.

iMate is one such idea that aims to change the way we charge and sync our devices. Basically, iMate is an All in One charging station that will help you keep your devices charged — without having to handle all that mess those charging cables create. Its crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo is about to end in 10 days and it has already generated more than $64,000 in funding. At the time of writing this, that is nearly 300% more than its goal of $20,000.

iMate Crowdfunding Campaign

iMate: Charge and Sync Your Devices All at Once

iMate features 6 connectivity options including dual USB-C PD ports, USB 3.0, USB 2.0, HDMI 4K output, SD Card Reader and an Apple Watch charger. It’s one of the only third-party accessories to come with a certified Apple Watch charger.

iMate works as a charger, battery backup and docking station and is fully-compatible with Apple devices like MacBook, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. According to its makers, it can work with Windows and Android devices, too. Moreover, it also lets you connect other devices like Nintendo Switch, USB Flash Drive, portable hard disks, SD cards, LCD TV, projectors, digital cameras etc.

The USB-C PD (Power Delivery) ports support fast-charge that can charge an iPhone up to 50% in about 30 minutes. The HDMI port is capable of streaming high-quality 4K videos — which you can use to connect a MacBook with a TV. With the help of USB ports and SD card reader, you can synchronize your data simultaneously.

iMate Color Options

iMate All in One Dock: Summary

iMate dock will be available in three colors: grey, gold and rose gold. The retail price of a unit will be $199 when the product makes its way to the market. Backers of the project can get it for only $109 if they opt for Super Early Bird offer. For $189, early backers can avail two units of iMate and save more than 50% on the retail price.

Overall, iMate is a promising idea in theory. It will be interesting to see when the project comes to life. The makers of this project promises to start shipping iMate in September — including international shipping.

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